Join me on my journey from a "Fat Farm Chick" into a "Healthy Hen" with the help of my new Lap-Band.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Liquid Diets Kinda Suck and Kinda ROCK!

Well, I'm on day 4 of my total liquid diet.
And let me tell ya.... It STINKS!!

Cooking food for your family and not even being able to taste it to check the seasoning, then sitting down with a glass of protein drink Sucks!

Walking through the kitchen and finding yourself grabbing a handfull of nuts only to have to put them back Sucks!

Getting to the bottom of your drink from Sonic then throwing away the cherry Sucks!

The anger I surprisingly felt towards everyone around me Sucks!

The fact that most everything I am aloud to eat drink is sweet and I'd really like something savory instead of chicken broth Sucks!

Cutting cheesecake and serving it to my family and not even licking the knife Sucks!


The 19lbs I've Lost in the past three weeks ROCKS!!!

4 more days to go!


  1. WAY TO GO ON THE 19lb LOSS!!!
    WOW great job!!

  2. it's worth it! your Dr. and liver will thank you for it!;-)
    19 lbs is GREAT!!!
    you are off to a GREAT start!