Join me on my journey from a "Fat Farm Chick" into a "Healthy Hen" with the help of my new Lap-Band.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My band was put in place Tuesday.
The surgery went off without a hitch.

When the Man-of-My-Dreams and I got to the hospital my nerves kicked in big time.
Waiting in the waiting room before they called me back didn't help much.

Then I got to put on my oh-so-very-stylish hospital gown and got ready.
The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and he made me feel so much better.
It didn't hurt that he was a cutie pie!
I told him he could give me whatever he wanted and I'd be fine with it.

After a quick hug and kiss from the Man-of-My-Dreams, I was off to the OR.
The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery room.
I had a wonderful nurse there with me who kept saying what I great attitude I had, I think it was just because I kept making jokes tho...

After I was more awake they walked me over to a cool x-ray thingie and had me do a swallow test, you could actually see the liquid go through your system and band, they don't want to send you home until they are sure your not too swollen to allow liquid past your band.

They went and got the-Man-of-My-Dreams, he helped me get dressed and we were outta there!
Once we got back to the hotel, I spent most of the day sleeping off the good drugs Dr. Cutie gave me in the OR.

I felt better than I thought I would.
Yes, there is pain. But nothing like I expected!
It's amazing how much holding a small pillow over your tummy helps after surgery!

I have 5 small incisions.
The largest one (maybe an inch and a half long) is where they placed my port. It is the most painful, which is understandable, because they stuck something in there and left it in there!

Wednesday I had more pain.
It's amazing how much you use your abdominal muscles!
Once they have been cut, you realize it!

We are back home and I'm recovering well.
I feel like I've been hit by a Mac Truck, but it's tolerable.

This is the beginning of my new life!
Every change, even for the better, hurts.. right?


  1. Congratulations Dana! Welcome to Bandland, you are going to love it!

    Why are anesthesiologists almost always cute guys? Mine was cute and charming, especially when he had to convince me to take a pregnancy test (42 and 4 kids -I know when I am/not pregnant!)

    Keep those pain meds going, that is always my best advice. And a heating pad for your tummy, back or shoulders if you have gas pain there.

    Happy liquids!

  2. I'm not banded but praying for you that this will be the answer to your prayers, hopes and dreams. I'm so glad the pain is tolerable.

  3. I'm so proud of you!!!!!! I chickened out. You have more guts than I do, except now, your's is banded. lol