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Sunday, December 13, 2009

NOT your average stumbling block.

I have been working so hard and I am so proud of the 55lbs I've lost in the past few months!
I have been a good girl.
I have been getting my 40 grams of protien each day.
I've been eating low fat and low calorie meals.
I've takin it light on the carbs.

Until this week-end.....
this week-end I was invited on an all expense paid trip to New Orleans.
This wasn't your average sight-seeing trip either.
This was a gathering of some top-food bloggers and foodies from the Houston area.

Yep... for some un-known reason, they invited me!
Oh the food we have eaten!
The prosciutto wrapped figs, the rabbit crepes, the cheesecake, the steaks that melt like buttah.....
The Po-boys,seafood , gumbo, pastries, the FOOD!
the drinks, red wine, white wine, cocktails... the drinks!

needless to say, I think I may have gained 56lbs back this week-end alone!
but I have had the most wonderful time eating my way through the culture of New Orleans!

Tonight, I go back to the real world...
Back to the protein shakes,
Back to the dreaded Treadmill,
Ahh it was nice while it lasted!

more soon...

1 comment:

  1. you did it, you admitted it, now get back on track! although we are freaked out that the weight will come back overnight, it won't...
    you've done WONDERFUL with your weightloss, just get back on track and you'll see those numbers go down again!

    BTW, isn't Louisiana food the BEST?! lol My husband is from New Orleans, i'm from a little town not far from there and we still live in LA. at home, it's easier but when we go 'back home' to visit...LOOK OUT...i'm facing withdrawls at the moment!