Join me on my journey from a "Fat Farm Chick" into a "Healthy Hen" with the help of my new Lap-Band.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still Here

I know, it's been too long since I posted.
I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth.
I haven't stopped losing weight.
I haven't quit.

I have, however, been BUSY!
Between the 5 kids,
countless critters,
a hubby who is working in Kazakhstan,

I am officially over half way to my goal!
The weight is not coming off as quickly now as it did in the beginning of my journey,
But, I knew that would happen.

I'm now losing approx 3lbs per week.
I sure do miss the 10lbs a week stage! ;)

I'm feeling better.
I'm looking better.
People are noticing the change.
I am wearing size clothes that I haven't worn in over 20 years!

I'll post more (including pictures) soon!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Sweet 16

Today, for the first time in over 16 years.

My Butt is COMFORTABLY in size 16 jeans!!
A short 4 months ago I was lucky to be able to sit down wearing my size 24 jeans without having to unbutton them!

When I say comfortably, I mean I didn't have to resort to my High School "tight jeans" routine.

No wire hanger needed to push my pockets into place.
No fork needed to zip the zipper.
No jumping up and down while I zipped.
No laying down on the bed and sucking in.

I stepped into a size 16,
pulled em up,
and easily buttoned the button and zipped them up!

I am so happy I could cry!
I may never take them off!
Or remove the tag! ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Fill

Last week, the Man-of-My-Dreams and I made the long drive to see my new boyfriend Doctor and his staff.

It was finally time to get my first fill.

The Lap-Band has been empty since it was put in place and it was time to tighten it by filling it w/ some saline.

The thing is...
In order to reach the port that leads to my band, they needed to stuck a large needle into my tummy!

I was nervous not knowing what to expect.
Was it gonna be really painful?
Ugh! I almost canceled the appointment!

But it was a breeze!
Here is the run-down on how it's done.

They told me not to eat anything for 3 hours before my fill and not to drink anything 1 hour before.
We got to the office, and checked in.
They did the weight check etc...

Then it was time...
They took me back to a little room and had me lie down on a table.
The nurse (who I LOVE by the way) felt around for my port, then marked the area she felt it.
They turned on this x-ray machine thingie so they could see the port on a TV screen to be sure it was where she thought it was.
Then came the needle.....
She gave me a small shot of numbing medication, it stung like a bee sting for a second.. but not bad at all!

Then came the big needle, all the while, I was watching it on the TV screen.
She put the larger needle into my port. I was surprised at how hard she had to push to get the needle in! She was really straining! I felt the pressure of her pushing, but NO pain.

She withdrew any fluid that was in my band so she could measure it.
Then added more saline.

Then they had me drink a gulp of liquid, and we watched it go through my band...
She adjusted the amount of saline in my band so it didn't stop the liquid, but did slow it down.
Then we were done!

I had to drink a glass of water before I left just to be certain I wasn't too tight, and we left.
The whole process took less than ten minutes... NOTHING to worry about!

I had to do the liquid diet thing for 2 days, just in case I had some swelling. Then back to "normal".

I have great restriction!
I'm back to eating 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup of food at a time and already have dropped 2 more pounds!
Whoo Hoo!

So far so good!
I'll keep ya posted!

Oh! By the way....
this makes 70 pounds I've lost in 4 months!
I couldn't be more pleased!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Don't See It...

Well, here I am....
Three months out from surgery.
  • I've got a few new scars.
  • I have totally new eating habits.
  • I'm almost 70lbs lighter.
  • I'm wearing clothes in a smaller size.
  • Everybody says they see a big difference in my appearance.
Everyone except....

Logically, I know my body is changing, my old clothes are falling off of me!
I've lost almost 70lbs! Thats a LOT of weight!

When I look in the mirror...
I don't see it.

I guess I feel like I went through and changed so many things...
There should be some dramatic, and visible-to-me, difference.

I'm just not seeing it!
I have kinda been on a quest for change.
I've gotten nails. (as my reward for losing 65lbs)
I changed the color of my hair.
I've gotten some new clothes.

But, it's just not working.
I'm still looking for that "WOW! I look different!!" feeling when I look in the mirror.

I hope it comes soon...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bandsters Hell... Oh Joy!

It's officially a new year.
And I am officially in, what they call, Bandsters Hell.
Bandsters Hell is when someone who has a Lap-Band in place, but they do not have enough of a fill to give them restriction.
In other words... I can eat as much as I want and the band does not stop it.
I was one of the few lucky ones that didn't enter this phase immediately after getting my band.
I had restriction for the first few months.

But, I have lost 64lbs.
And you don't just lose a layer of fat from your thighs and butt.. but you also lose some of the fat thats around your internal organs...

I lost some of the fat from around my stomach..
Thats a good thing...
But it also made my band looser without the fat to make it tight.

So, here I find myself in The dreaded Bandters Hell.
And... They picked the right name for it!

I'm doing ok so far...
But it's 100% willpower now, and we all know I don't do very well relying on willpower alone, or I wouldn't be this fat to start with!

The Man-of-My-Dreams started a new job last week...
The first paycheck.... I'm Running, NOT walking to get my first fill!
Will keep you posted!